Welcome to the World of QC Skeptics!

Yes, Virginia, the Quad Cities are filled with skeptics! We have a growing Facebook presence, and frequent meet-ups. Please join us online, in person and consider blogging on a topic that’s near and dear to your heart! (Unless you’re one of those heartless, baby-eating skeptics, like Ricky Gervais. In which case we might also ask you to be an admin.)

Remember: Healthy skepticism is a good thing, especially when dealing with those who make extraordinary claims, without extraordinary evidence to back it up.

One thought on “Welcome to the World of QC Skeptics!

  1. Jay here, checking in. I blog about health, humanism, atheism, and related topics here in the QC. I’m also @healthyhumanist on twitter. Can’t wait to see everyone at the meetups. Which reminds me, I’m sponsoring a meetup.com page for this group. Meetup.com/qcskeptics

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